Synergy Settlement Consulting ("SSC") is a unique plaintiff based settlement planning firm offering expert services nationwide. SSC has been involved in the settlement of countless millions of dollars in injury recoveries over the years. When you need comprehensive and expert settlement planning services, depend on SSC’s experienced team. We are highly qualified to provide professional solutions for the most difficult settlement planning issues.

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Synergy Settlement Services:

Synergy Settlement Services offers the only complete settlement services solution in the United States. We offer lien resolution, MSAs, pooled trust services, settlement trusts and structured settlements.

Synergy Settlement Consulting:

Synergy Settlement Consulting is one of the nation's premier plaintiff based settlement planning/consulting firms offering expert services to injury victims at no cost.

Synergy MSA Services:

Synergy MSA Services is a full service MSP Compliance firm for attorneys and their clients offering MSA allocation and administration services.

Synergy Lien Resolution Services:

Synergy Lien Resolution Services is a unique company that provides flat fee Medicare and Medicaid lien negotiation and resolution services to the legal community. We also provide ERISA/Private healthcare, military and other provider lien resolution services.

Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust:

The SSNPT is a pooled special needs trust created for the single purpose of assisting injury victims to remain eligible for needs based public assistance benefits such as SSI and/or Medicaid.

Settlement Asset Management:

Settlement Asset Management offers unique asset management solutions for injury victims including the Settlement Asset Management Trust with Enhanced Structured Income.

Settlement Asset Management ESI™:

Settlement Asset Management's exclusive product, ESI, is an innovative custom annuity portfolio providing injury victims an income stream providing superior returns for a fixed income solution.

SAM Structured Fees:

Through the use of Settlement Asset Management's innovative tax deferral solutions for attorney fees, plaintiff attorneys can defer taxation on contingent fees earned through the resolution of nearly any type of litigation.